About Us


“Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate.”

Alan D. Wolfelt

At Robinson Hill, we find joy in making a difference in peoples' lives by seeking to be outstanding in everything we do -- through our operations, our people, and our commitment to excellent food. We love people. We love food. We love smiles. And we’re proud that we’ve served up smiles for 25+ wonderful years.

We manage and operate award-winning food & beverage and news & gift concessions in travelers' hubs across the country. We extend from Chicago's Navy Pier, Midway National Airport and Chicago's O'Hare International Airports. Our goal is to elevate the dining and retail experience of travelers everywhere by serving customers with smiles, building lasting relationships, improving communities, and acting with drive and ingenuity every day.

We raise the bar with top brands, great food, and most importantly, a relentless focus on customer satisfaction. We're a small business with big dreams, strong values and 25+ years of outstanding performance.



We represent Excellence. Our hard work, resourcefulness and commitment to achieving results drives excellence.


We are Leaders. We lead our teams by example, showing them how we work using best practices at all times, acting with integrity and sincerity.


We are Respectful. We respect each other, we respect our customers, and we treat everyone we interact with as equals, with kindness, warmth, and a sincere desire to help.


We have Integrity. We hold ourselves to a high moral standard. We also hold ourselves accountable for meeting our responsibilities and exceeding standards of excellence.


We care about our Community. We are family. We support each other. We give back to the community – by creating job opportunities, by serving our guests, through community service projects and by supporting local charities. Whenever possible, we adopt sustainable, eco-friendly practices.

Have you ever been "expeRHienced?"

When our customers come to us, they may be tired, hungry, and rushed. What they find when they walk into one of our eateries is a remarkably delightful guest expeRHience. The food is fresh, appetizing and presented quickly; the restaurant is clean and stocked; and above all, the customer service team is kind, attentive, and warm. Servers greeted you, they helped you, they smiled.

That moment of magic, when we delight someone who expects it least? That is an expeRHience, and that is where we shine.

At Robinson Hill, we create – and help our clients own – that moment. Everything we do, from recruiting and training to business development, quality control, and analytics, is geared toward the delivery of that unexpectedly great guest expeRHience.

That’s why we’re so picky about hiring, so choosy about suppliers and vendors, so selective about colleagues and partners, and so passionate about training and employee development. We know that in order to succeed, we need to provide those unexpectedly delightful and rewarding experiences to our customers, consistently and without exception.

We recognize that we have the power to actually improve someone’s day, and we want our team to take that opportunity for the prize that it is and seize it. We want people talking, raving, about us and their interactions with us across all channels. We want to make people happy.


Robinson Hill's founder and president, Dee M. Robinson, honors her mother Helen Hill as the visionary that inspired Robinson Hill. Hill was a caregiver, entrepreneur, friend, cook and the epitome of hospitality. She never shied away from hard work and instilled a strong work ethic in her children. Great food was center stage in the Robinson-Hill household because Helen believed that good food could delight the soul. Helen Hill's legacy continues today through the efforts of Robinson Hill.

Today, we are known as Robinson Hill, a company that recognizes that without customers and talented people, we would never succeed. We owe it to those who help us thrive to give them world-class service! Great customer service never goes unnoticed and we will strive to continue to wow those who visit us – be it for a burger, a cone, or a newspaper. Allow us to be outstanding in all that we do for our stakeholders – customers, partners and our work family. Let us serve you!


We are certified as ACDBE (Airport Concession Disadvantaged Business), MBE and WBE in Chicago, Metropolitan Washington, Georgia, Michigan, Massachusetts, California, Pennsylvania, Texas, Colorado, Florida and New York/New Jersey. We seek to be outstanding for all of our airport and business partners. Robinson Hill also enjoys its role serving as a mentor to aspiring ACDBE firms.​