Helen Hill

"Make people and places better than you found them"

Helen Hill

We take inspiration from our founder Dee M. Robinson's mother, Helen Hill, who loved taking care of others through wholesome food and inspired hospitality.

To be a part of Robinson Hill, you need to love people, love smiles, and love food. Please espouse a strong work ethic and a collaborative spirit; working cohesively with others allows teams to reach their full creative potential and maximize their results. A successful Robinson Hill team member is someone who; takes initiative, seeks to make a difference, cares about people and great customer service, is solutions-focused and a creative thinker, is an inspiration to the team & exhibits dedication and loyalty.



We represent Excellence. Our hard work, resourcefulness and commitment to achieving results drives excellence.


We are Leaders. We lead our teams by example, showing them how we work using best practices at all times, acting with integrity and sincerity.


We are Respectful. We respect each other, we respect our customers, and we treat everyone we interact with as equals, with kindness, warmth, and a sincere desire to help.


We have Integrity. We hold ourselves to a high moral standard. We also hold ourselves accountable for meeting our responsibilities and exceeding standards of excellence.


We care about our Community. We are family. We support each other. We give back to the community – by creating job opportunities, by serving our guests, through community service projects and by supporting local charities. Whenever possible, we adopt sustainable, eco-friendly practices.

Why work at Robinson Hill?

We offer fast-paced, exciting work environments with competitive pay and friendly colleagues. We support our team members through ongoing training, open communications and plenty of growth opportunities. People who succeed with us are customer-centric, collaborative and service-oriented. We are proud of our 25+ year history of diversity and inclusion and value perspectives from all backgrounds.

At Robinson Hill, we seek team members who are engaged, and entrepreneurial, analytical, and innovative, detail-oriented, and organized

To be considered for employment, please download the assessment form and submit it along with your resume to

Developing Culture Rock Stars with Dee M. Robinson, CEO of Robinson Hill


Robinson Hill is a concession management company based in Chicago. Dee M. Robinson is a leader in the Chicago business community.

Robinson Hill is a culture development company which aims to elevate the top brands in the dining and retail environments with a focus on a superior customer experience at the point of sale. Robinson Hill is named in honor of Dee’s mother, Helen Hill, whom Dee M. Robinson has looked to as an inspiration for her life and work ethic.