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“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?”
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Throughout our twenty-five-year corporate history, we have always given back to the communities in which we serve. This aligns with our company mission of caring for our communities in order to always leave places better than we found them. We’ve been honored and delighted to support a handful of outstanding organizations throughout our history to fulfill this part of our mission.

Robinson Hill Cares. ️

Combatting Hunger In Our Communities

Hunger is a complex problem. It can mean lacking food for a day or two on an occasional basis when paychecks don’t stretch, or it can mean habitual food insecurity, leading to malnourishment, impaired development, and chronic disease. Hungry kids cannot learn; hungry adults cannot prosper. One in eight families are hungry, making up a staggering 12.3% of all U.S. households. Many people must choose between purchasing food and covering rent, mortgages, transportation, utility bills, medical fees. Hunger is closer than you think. 

Why are so many people hungry, especially in a country that is prosperous? For many, unexpected life events, medical crises or un- and under-employment can contribute to food insecurity.

At Robinson Hill, we are compelled to respond. We have developed Project Clean Pantry to support Feed America and help stock shelves local food banks. Project Clean Pantry is a grass-roots effort that encourages people to kick off their own Project Clean Pantry campaign. By reaching out to neighbors, family members and friends – which can be done on a virtual basis during social distancing – these individuals establish community groups that clean out their pantries and collect non-perishable items for group donations. These items are then brought to community food pantries to help stock shelves. We’re spreading the word on Project Clean Pantry through email campaigns and social media. Please learn more here. 


Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day – An Annual Tradition.

Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day is an international celebration that happens in almost every Ben & Jerry’s scoop shop around the world; it’s been a company tradition for more than 40 years. On this magical day, the chain gives out free ice cream cones from noon until 8pm. Robinson Hill’s Ben & Jerry’s location on Chicago’s Navy Pier is no exception; we’ve been celebrating this illustrious annual event for many years, selecting a worthy local charity which then receives all donations at our Ben & Jerry’s location. In the past, we’ve been able to raise significant funds for Save Abandoned Babies Foundation.

Free Cone Day is normally celebrated during the second week of April. Please check in with us here as we post additional information once it becomes available.