Snap Out of It!
The great industrialist Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t— you’re right.” And isn’t that so true? Our thoughts can...
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Choosing Courage
If you have ever flown from boston, Chicago or washington, d.C., chances are you Have dee robinson to thank for making your Journey a little more enjoyable....
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Driving For Inclusion
LIKE ALL GOLFERS, I’D LOVE TO get the opportunity to play some of the sport’s best-known courses. But the one I am most looking forward to stepping out...
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Why Golf? 9 Powerful Reasons for Women to Tee Up
A golf course is a special place. It’s a safe space. A golf course is that rarity in our world: a no-judgment zone, a place where you can be yourself,...
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Women in The Venture Capital Industry
The venture capital profession is less than a century old, but it controls a substantial chunk of startup funding. What’s more, investment into venture-backed...
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The Confidence Gap
As you all know, this month, we celebrated International Women’s Day. Last year, I took part in that movement by speaking as part of a select panel of...
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Helping Small Airport Businesses Survive the Pandemic
COVID-19 has decimated the airport concessions industry. In January of this year, travel statistics pointed to record-breaking high volumes; by the end...
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A raised fist of a protestor at a political demonstration
Leading Forward, Leading Bravely – Fear, Race and Inequity
What are our Values and What do we Value? As we witnessed the horrifying scenes across the country and the world in the wake of the abject tragedy that...
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Succeeding Through Failure
When you reach for the stars you may not quite get one, but you won’t come up with a handful of mud either. ~Leo Burnett Success is a goal many of us have,...
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