Stirring Up Good Trouble Cookbook

Food for Thought, Food for the Soul

Stirring Up Good Trouble Cookbook is a labor of love, crafted by Dee M. Robinson, founder and CEO of Robinson Hill.

Pound-CakeShe was initially inspired to write this book as an homage to her beloved mother, Helen Hill, whose oft-repeated remark to her kids was that the  only kind of trouble they should get in was “good trouble.”

Dee’s mother knew that cooking for others is about far more than just preparing and eating a meal; it’s about nurturing, caring for loved ones, and sharing homes and hearts.

Having inherited her beloved mother’s fondness for cooking, sharing meals, and showering loved ones with warmth and kindness through hospitality, Dee has been stirring up good trouble ever since.

 It’s the kind of trouble you can be proud of, as advocated by civil rights icon John Lewis. He stressed the importance of pressing for a better life circumstance, for figuring out a way to work with people to make change for the greater good: “Get in the way and get in good trouble, necessary trouble…”

By sharing her stories and these recipes, Dee gives us a way to get in good trouble—in the kitchen, with family and friends, and outside of the kitchen—sharing love, a kind word, and making some noise to seek justice for all.


About the Author

Dee M. Robinson is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, coach, diversity advocate, board director, author, and speaker committed to empowering people to break the bonds of fear, shatter limitations, and design more purposeful and fulfilling lives. She is founder and CEO of Robinson Hill, an award-winning restaurant and retail concessions management company, which celebrated its 26th birthday in 2021. She inspires courageous leadership and difficult conversations that shift the paradigm, bring people together, and find new ways to address economic and racial inequities, curtail limiting thinking and social injustice. She knows from experience that changing the status quo requires everyone to learn new ways to speak up, be courageous and find a way. Dee earned her MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and her B.A. in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania.

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