Dee Robinson Responds to Ben & Jerry’s Support of BLM


Simply stated, I love these two wonderful men. Not only because they are thoughtful, caring, and authentic, but because they happen to be genuinely nice guys. They are passionate about people and about social justice. I have been fortunate enough to spend time with them, which always gave me the greatest pleasure – and I state this from the heart. Jerry Greenfield attended my wedding, and in typical ‘Jerry’ fashion, he did far more than simply show up. He made the event all the more memorable by arranging to bring Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream to a place where none existed, and delighted our guests by serving the ice cream. He pulled a scoop out of his suit jacket pocket and the fun began!

I am blessed to know Jerry and Ben, and I am honored to associate with two guys who care deeply about the lives of all. Since it is them, Ben and Jerry, making this important and admirable statement – two well-known personalities in the business and social justice arenas – more people may hear it and take it to heart. History has repeatedly demonstrated this phenomenon; messages delivered by individuals with celebrity or authority have a larger impact. Indeed, we must stand together; our friends come in all colors.

Thank you, Jerry and Ben.