Dine While You Dash: Reagan National’s Holiday Restaurant Guide


December has a tendency to become frantic — fast. Among the parties, shopping, and hectic travel, it can be difficult to carve out time for a healthy, filling meal that isn’t 75% cookies. But you can still eat well (and affordably) this holiday season, even with only a few minutes to spare before a flight home. Reagan National Airport is full of beloved Washington, D.C. dining staples that have a variety of satisfying meal options, whether for pickup or a rare sit-down moment. Here are our picks for some of Reagan’s smartest (and tastiest) dining choices during the holidays.

Lebanese Taverna
Terminal B/C, Gates 23 – 34
Chicken Shawarma and Hummus
Get a taste of Capitol Region’s best Lebanese cuisine by picking up this delicious standout, served with mixed greens, feta, and the restaurant’s signature house dressing.

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