Robinson Hill opens Lalo’s at Navy Pier

Robinson Hill is pleased to announce the opening of our newest location: Lalo’s Mexican Restaurant at Navy Pier. Lalo’s has been a staple of the local, authentic Mexican cuisine found in Chicago for over 30 years.

Lalo’s traces it’s roots to a small 24 seat restaurant located in the heart of Chicago’s Mexican Community. By following a strict policy of only serving top quality, authentic dishes; that small restaurant steadily grew in popularity. By establishing the same food systems and serving the same traditional Mexican dishes (all of which were adopted from family recipes) the restaurant was able to gain more customers.

Today, there are a total of 7 units both in the city and the suburbs with the edition of our location at Navy Pier. Robinson Hill & Lalo’s restaurant are looking for continued growth and success in the future. Whatever the future holds, we have pledged to always provide the amazing service and delicious dishes that have made it a Chicagoland tradition.